Spiritual Transformation

🌿 Embark on a Journey of Change: Spiritual Transformation Residential Retreat 🌿

🌅 Reconnect with God, Renew Your Spirit, and Ignite Your Potential!

Are you ready to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and reconnect with your inner self? Join us for a captivating weekend retreat that goes beyond the ordinary – a journey to unlock the profound power of Spiritual Intelligence.

🌟 What Awaits You:

Immersive Spiritual Exploration: Dive into a weekend filled with guided meditations, soulful reflections, and Quranic teachings to deepen your spiritual understanding.

Holistic Wellness Practices: Experience rejuvenating Prayer sessions, mindful walks in nature, and nourishing meals that will energize your body, mind, and soul.

Interactive Workshops: Engage in thought-provoking workshops designed to enhance your emotional intelligence, resilience, and mindfulness in everyday life. Themes include: How to gain close proximity to God; Developing the spiritual immune system; Overcoming barriers to spiritual growth; How to engage with Quran and Salaah; How to monitor your spiritual growth; Maximizing the benefits of Ramadan.

Sacred Community: Connect with like-minded souls in a supportive and uplifting environment, fostering a sense of belonging and shared spiritual growth.

Personalized Spiritual Assessments: Gain insights into your unique spiritual journey with personalized assessments, helping you understand and enhance your Spiritual Intelligence.

🏡 Retreat Details:

  • Dates: Fri 1st March (7PM) to Sunday 3rd March (5PM)
  • Location: Markfield Conference Centre, Leicester, LE67 9SY
  • Investment in Self: £75 [Accommodation, Meals, tuition and resource pack]

🌈 Why Attend? Uncover the transformative power of Spiritual Intelligence and unlock the keys to a more fulfilled, purpose-driven life. This weekend retreat is your opportunity to pause, reflect, and reconnect with your innermost self.

🌟 Awaken Your Spirit. Embrace Your Journey. Elevate Your Life. 🌟

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Residential Program

iLead Retreat
Living With Purpose

Islam is a religion of humane rationales and practical objectives. Application of the religion in practice must be consistent with them. Islam must make sense, but, to make sense, it requires intelligent followers with sound understanding.
This retreat focuses on five operational principles—trusting reason, respecting dissent, stressing societal obligations, setting priorities, and embracing maxims. They help impart such an understanding and provide the basic guidelines for living Islam with purpose.
Spiritual reminders also focus on inter-personal relations. They explain the Islamic code of conduct which should govern our social relations. They focus on moral and social traits and behaviour patterns which invest our social life with peace, harmony, love and joy.
Retreat Details

Unique Features

Key Retreat Highlights


Shaykh Nurudeen Lemu, Dr Riza Mohammed; Farooq Murad; Dr Rayes Mustapha; Hafiz Naveed Idris, Husain Shefaar, Fatima Khan

Comprehensive curriculum

The Faith-inspired personal and skills development curriculum geared towards fellows engaged in diverse communities who are passionate about change. Each workshop provides sound knowledge and understanding of Islamic traditions and values rooted in a balanced and comprehensive interpretation.

Workshop Themes

Workshops explore 5 Operational Principles - Trusting Intellect; Respecting dissent; Embracing social obligations; Embracing maxims; Setting priorities

Peer-to-peer support

The opportunity to engage with and learn from peers in similar roles and from expert practitioners and academics in key areas of concern in a residential setting.

Workshop Details

Trusting Reason

Islam must make good sense. As the Prophet stated, a Muslim’s competence in Islam cannot be trusted before testing his or her reason. The same applies to Muslim communities and the ideas and outlooks they teach; any approach to Islam that does not cultivate and respect the free and candid use of reason is inadequate and cannot lay the foundations for a viable future.

Embracing Social Obligations

Societal obligations are based on recognizing the sanctity of others and the importance of society. From an Islamic standpoint, good character and belief in God share very similar conceptual foundations. Good character is predicated upon altruism: acknowledging the Other, being magnanimous toward the Other, and respecting the Other’s rights. The primary ethical qualities—truthfulness, trust worthiness, gratitude, patience, generosity, humility, courage, and so forth—grow out of this implicit regard for other people and affirmation of their dignity, merits, and rights.

Setting Priorities

Aspiring for what is best and avoiding what is worst are the two primary goals of the Prophetic law. The eminent legal scholar al-ʿIzz ibn ʿAbd al-Salām summed up the entirety of Islam in one phrase: “To secure benefits and ward off detriments” (jalb al-maṣāliḥ wa dar’ al-mafāsid). Focusing on benefits and detriments is part of the universal Prophetic legacy and, therefore, constitutes a categorical Islamic obligation. Understanding the importance of setting priorities is a necessary operational principle in Islam, but, as obvious as the principle may seem, many Muslims are oblivious to it in practice.

Respecting Dissent

Islam only speaks with a monolithic voice on foundational beliefs and practices. In other matters, it speaks with multiple voices and recognizes the legitimacy of dissent and competing interpretations. Although Islamic history has had periods of greater and lesser toleration, acknowledgement of divergent opinions is a central part of its heritage. Muslim scholars were trained in the protocol of dissent (adab al-ikhtilāf), which enabled them, for the most part, to benefit from opposing points of view and live civilly with those who held them.

Embracing Maxims

Maxims are concisely stated principles of Islamic law and practical rules of thumb. As an operational principle, embracing maxims does not mean learning them all; it is sufficient to know relatively few. But Muslims should be aware that this valuable resource exists and should make good use of it. They should know that maxims provide an invaluable source of Islamic edification and guidance, which should make maxims a key component in the community’s religious instruction. The five core maxims are: 1. Matters will be judged by their purposes (al-umūr bi-maqāṣidihā). 2. Certainty will not be overturned by doubt (al-yaqīn lā yazūl bi-al-shakk). 3. Harm must be removed (al-ḍarar yuzāl). 4. Hardship must be alleviated (al-ʿusr yajlib al-taysīr). 5. Custom has the weight of law (al-ʿāda muḥakkama).

Cementing Inter-personal Relations

This ideal of collective life in Islam is not merely some outward manifestation of unity. It seeks to weld the hearts of believers into unison. Islam transcends any legalistic notion of unity. The fact is that it infuses unity and fraternity into the very fabric of all believers. For it places a premium on the unity of faith and ideology, of sharing values and vision of man, society and destiny.

It unites believers on the plank of their aspirations, their objectives and their innermost feelings and emotions. Of course, it unites them outwardly as well. However, more importantly, it unites them intrinsically as part of a single, unified community and fraternity. It goes without saying that
real unity can be achieved only if people are united both outwardly and inwardly. Any artificial device cannot hold people together for long. For hearts reeking with hostility and rancour cannot come close. Symbolic gestures of unity cannot produce any genuine cohesion or singleness of
purpose. Rather, a coalition prompted by selfish ends ultimately leads to chaos and disintegration. Legal ties alone cannot ensure genuine, abiding companionship. This explains why Islam bases the collective life of believers on the principles of faith, love and self-sacrifice. Relations based on these values have a rock-solid foundation, capable of weathering all storms.

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